Monday, September 10, 2007

The week (and a half) in review

I haven't posted anything since prior to Labor Day, so I feel that some updates are in order.

Labor Day weekend saw a couple of good rides, totaling just on the good side of 70 miles. On Saturday, I rode Harsen's Island with Brandy's uncle Dave. We rode the <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">Succhi Bar, about 3/4 of the way through our ride.
The Sunday prior to Labor Day saw me out at Ruby for some riding with my teammates. I rode with Todd, Tom, and Kevin for a few laps of Ruby. Todd had a helmet cam strapped to his seat, and Mike did some filming while we sessioned a little jump and the outhouse hill. It was a fun time.
On Wednesday, I headed out to the Stony group ride after doing a quick loop through the singletrack. Rather than do the normal ride with the group, Erick and I took off seperately to do a couple laps of the XC race course. Erick was planning on entering the race, and was looking to do a pre-ride. The first lap through had me leading, while showing Erick the layout and pointing out a few things. For the 2nd lap, Erick took the lead. A very good ride. One slight hiccup... it was starting to get a wee bit dark towards the end, and we pretty much did the "back 9" section of the singletrack blindly.
There were a couple of days (Tuesday and Thursday) last week where I ran, running for 4 and 6 miles respectively. Just your basic uneventful runs.
This past Saturday saw another beautiful weekend day, and the racking up of yet more mileage. I started at Pontiac Lake where I met with a group of people from the Wednesday Stony ride. One of the guys Bob had never ridden Pontiac before, and was putting together a group to ride with. We had about 8 people total. We hit the trail a bit after 7, and kept a casual pace. There were frequent stops for people to catch up, including one stop at the RC airfield where we were treated to a display by a skilled pilot. I think we spent about 15 minutes watching him fly various aerobatics.
From there we finished the loop, and the group and I parted ways. They did the smart thing and went for margaritas, while I did the nutty thing and rode over to Highland. Highland Rec Area is quickly becoming one of my favorite rides, unfortunately it's too much of a drive to be a regular trail for me. This trail has it all: grunt climbs, rocks, long climbs, rocks, roots, rocks, tight singletrack, downhills, rocks, and that desolate "middle of nowhere" feeling that's tough to find in SE Michigan. Unfortunately my legs didn't have loop D in them, so I had to be content with loops A, B, and C. I finished up and rode back to Pontiac Lake, and rolled back to the trailhead with just under 51 1/2 miles showing on the CatEye.
Sunday had me in the Ann Arbor area for the baptism of the cutest kid in the world (actually a tie with his big sis for the title of "cutest kid"). It was nice seeing them (my niece and nephew), along with the rest of the family. My niece Makenna is starting to get big, and becoming quite the mischievous one. But she was very well behaved for her kid brother's big day.

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