Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Birth of a Quiring

Scott from Quiring Cycles sent me an email today.

Coming soon in brushed titanium singlespeed glory...

The biggest change from the Rig is that the headtube angle is increased by a degree. This will quicken up the handling. Also, the new frame will have Paragon sliding dropouts instead of the eccentric bottom bracket on the Rig.

Other than that, I've been basically just working and riding. Last Saturday was the final trail day at Ruby Campground. We did some trimming for a haunted trail that the owners put on for Halloween. After that, we gathered and moved some rocks for use in armoring some sections next spring.

Sunday was a large group ride leaving from Stony Creek HS. We did some riding at Stony, then rode up to Addison Oaks and Bald Mountain. The highlight of the ride had to be the Paint Creek Cider Mill, towards the end of the ride. Cider, apples, and donuts so hot they practially burned your mouth and hands.

I had a couple of rides at Stony this week (Tuesday and Wednesday), totalling 17 and 20 miles respectively. Next on the agenda... 50 miles of the High Country Pathway this weekend! We will be camping at Clear Lake SP, and will ride the section from Osmun Road counter-clockwise back to the campground.

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