Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

For Christmas this year, my mom came up with a novel idea. Each family member (my sis and her husband, mom and dad, and Brandy and I) would draw names for our Christmas gift exchange. The rules were simple: a $20 limit, and the gift had to be homemade.

I've actually been having a lot of fun with this, and it has also led to some homemade gifts for Brandy's (non)birthday present and a Christmas gift for her. It's always fun to learn new skills.

I can't spell out any details yet, since the family members both Brandy and I have are readers of this Blog. Look for photos of the final products to appear after Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scenes From a Ride

Heading out past the Vlasic pickle factory.

Scenery for a good chunk of the ride.

BFE = Farm Country

Happy to be riding.

Welcome to Lum..... don't blink!

Polly Ann Trail - this remains unimproved through Lapeer County.

Mom and Pop Christian???

Nice lake

An old wildlife conservacy. Unfortunately the sign ceased to be legible long ago.

Hey you... yes you... what are you hiding behind that big fancy gate with the high tech card reader and camera... you do realize that you are in the heart of BFE and the crime rate is low... please tell us... what are you hiding... Hoffa... Amelia Earhart... my mismated socks... please tell us what lurks behind that beefy gate...

Welcome to Kings Mill... don't blink... even on a bicycle...

Riding up the infamous "5-Nut Hill".

About ready to crest...

No Hunting Emu???

Deer Check Station closed. Can I at least check my Emu here?

Another pretty lake in the Lapeer State Game Area.

R.I.P John Smith

The flowers were nestled all snug in their bed.