Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stony and PLRA

Tuesday after work, I swung into Stony Creek for a hard ride. My legs were feeling recovered from the past weekend, and I was in the mood to pile on the mileage. I started with my usual lap of the Pines followed by a lap of the roller coaster. After that, I rode the Pines again followed by a bit of 2-track in the SE section of the park. The deer were out in full force here, including a nice looking 6 pointer. One really nice thing about summer is that the bucks are still in velvet. He was a nice size deer. Not as big as the 10 pointer I saw out on Gruber's last summer, but still a very nice sized deer.
After the 2-track, I rode the roller coaster 3 more times (4 laps total) and the pines once more (3 laps total). The computer showed just a tick over 24 miles for the day, and a couple minutes over 2 hours riding time.

This evening I met up with the guys from for the Thursday evening PLRA (Pontiac Lake Recreation Area) group ride. I haven't been able to make this ride for a couple months now, due to weather and other commitments. So, I was happy to be able to make it out and ride with Duke, abbeytrails, and the rest of the guys. There were about 8 of us in all, including a couple guys I hadn't met before.
I had a really nice ride. Due to some freehub trouble with the Rig, I was riding the GT today. My freehub was starting to get really tight, to the point where the pedals would turn on their own "fixed gear style" when I walked the bike. I took the wheel to the bike shop today, not expecting to have it back till tomorrow. Well, they called me today to let me know that they got it as good as they could, but the thing is basically roached. A new one is on order, but at least the wheel is "rideable" until it comes in.
So, I brought the GT today as I anticipated the wheel not being finished until tomorrow. It was quite interesting riding the rigid fork today, especially with the braking bumps (late summer at PLRA). PLRA is notorious for being rough and bumpy.
One lap was it for me today; just a touch under 10 miles.

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