Friday, August 17, 2007

Rear-End Pleasure

No..... not what you may be thinking! I actually got a new saddle for my road bike. Specifically a Brooks Team Pro, recently ordered from Wallingford Bicycle Parts. The Brown Santa dropped off the package today, and after work the saddle got mounted up. I then went for a ride to try it out.

My trusty road steed, a 1982 Raleigh Super Course. My dad bought this bike new.
New saddle... ain't she a beaut??? The Proofide was still soaking in when I took the photos.

For the maiden voyage, I did one of my usual loops. This took me out of town along Attica Road, Peppermill, Lake George Road, Newark Road, Wilder Road, and Imlay City Road. This loop is 25 3/4 miles, and took me an hour and 45 minutes. Pending a couple of minor adjustments, I think this saddle will be a keeper. I did have a bit of an issue with sliding forward, and the saddle needs to be lowered about a quarter inch.
The ride was nice, barring the wind. We had a brisk wind out of the north this evening, and it seemed like I was fighting it for most of the ride. There was one stretch towards the end, along Imlay City Road, where I had the wind mostly to my back. I was able to hold my speed between 25 and 30 mph for the better part of 2 miles.

Well, tomorrow I'll make a couple of saddle tweaks. Then weather permitting I'll put the new Brooks through it's paces during the Assenmacher 100.

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Mary said...

The Super Course looks proud with a new saddle!