Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Restin', Some Runnin', and Some Ridin'

Monday was basically a continuation of Sunday afternoon/evening. I spent the evening alternating between the sofa and the keyboard, doing a whole lot of nothing. It was nice giving my legs a full day to recover from Sunday's ride
On Tuesday, I ran the roads in and around Imlay City. I headed up Blacks Corners to Bowers Road, turned around and headed to Weyer Road. I then took Weyer to Fairgrounds/Almont Avenue, and finished by going around my block. All told, this worked out to be 9 1/4 miles. This was good seeing as I had been neglecting my running to some extent; it's been over a month and a half since I ran more than 6 miles at one time.
Today I met up with the MMBA group ride, actually driving to the normal meeting point this time. I wasn't planning on riding the trails today: I checked the radar when I woke up and the "green blob" covered a chunk of Wisconsin and Lake Michigan. During the day the blob shrunk to the point where SE Michigan received just a small amount of rain. I made a game-time decision on my drive home to do this ride. Thankfully I made excellent time, got ready quick, made equally good time to Stony Creek HS, and arrived with a few minutes to spare. The Rig was set up in fixed gear format again this week, and I was able to clear the logpile at the start of the Snakes twice without striking a pedal. One time I actually had to unweight the rear wheel and adjust the pedals prior to the log - and I did this successfully.
Today ended up being a short ride, with only 9 miles showing when I was through. I wasn't looking to brutalize myself, as I am planning on riding Yankee Springs Saturday, and will be doing the Pontiac Lake XC race on Sunday.
I did find a website that really interested me, and would interest anyone who frequents Stony Creek Metropark. In fact, I posted the link to the MMBA discussion forums. This website is, and contains a rich history of the Shelden family and their estate. For those who don't know, the portion of the park where the mtb trails are used to be owned by the Shelden family. In 1982 this land was deeded over to the metroparks authority. The website contains a number of pictures of the old buildings on the estate. Some of the ruins (stairways, tennis courts, wall), can still be found today. This link has also been added to my Blogs link section.

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