Friday, March 20, 2009


Time to get outside. "5-Nut Hill" here I come!

In other news, the stable grew by one the other day. I was able to track down a leftover 2008 Bianchi San Jose. This will become my "go-to" ride for mixed dirt/paved road riding. Also, I'm planning on doing a bit of cyclocross racing this fall.

The maiden voyage was this past Tuesday; 28 miles mostly paved, but with a mile of dirt thrown in. The ride was very nice, not too much more jarring than the fat-tired beast on the dirt. The cockpit still needs to be tweaked: saddle feels a bit skewed, saddle is too "nose up", I think the saddle may not be far enough back, but these can be quickly addressed. Also for road use I'll need to get some different gearing. The stock 42:17 was a bit "spinny". I've only ridden it free so far, and I'll definately need taller gearing when I put the track cog on.

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Mom said...

Nice ride!