Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jose the Backroads Dreamboat

After work, I hopped on the new San Jose, and headed out into BFE. My route took me east towards Capac, as the wind was blowing out of the east... I like to have the tailwind for the latter part of the ride if possible. Necessary tweaks had made to the saddle position... the saddle was moved forward quite a bit, and the nose was angled down, and the track cog was installed and rear wheel flipped around.
After a quick jaunt to the North, I headed to the east on the wind tunnels that were Weyer and Petz roads. Jose handled the dirt great, taking the sting out of the bumps. In fact, the ride didn't seem much rougher than the fat tired beast on the dirt. Having the drops allowed me to get into a bit more aerodynamic position, which helped greatly.
I turned south on Capac Road, and headed through downtown Capac. My route eventually took me south to Dryden Road, which I took back across Van Dyke. The last few miles were ridden in gradually decreasing light, making me thankful for my flashing taillamp and my headlamp... even though I saw very few cars.
After 31.5 miles, I rolled in, having enjoyed a great ride on a great bike.


Curt said...

welcome to wonderful world of cross bikes.

Todd Shorkey said...

Sounds like a great ride and a great bike!