Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lumberjack 100 - the short version

Yesterday was the first of my key focus races this year, the Lumberjack 100. My goals were: to finish, and if I did finish, to do so in under 10 hours. Nothing about winning, or podium finishes (the winner would be around the 7 hour mark), but none-the-less, a good goal for me (ambitious but acheivable).
Three of us from Team Sandbag, Todd, Jay and myself headed up on Friday, after a flurry of last minute lodging changes. We got an early start in the morning and headed over to the race venue.
We started with a roll-out on the pavement leading up to the trail system, and ~2 miles later we were on the dirt. Shortly after, and it was hike-a-bike up the opening hill (the first of many hills I'd hoof it up). Lap one was ridden for the most part with my teammate Todd. We kept up a brisk pace.
I started lap 2 without Todd (he was still in the pits), and rode with various packs of riders. Laps 1 and 2 had me feeling great.
Laps 3 and 4 were spent solo for large chunks. I did ride with Wayne from the team for a portion of lap 3, but he pulled away from me at the neutral aid station mid-lap.
Lap 4 was pretty much survival mode for me, walking up a large number of the hills, and the sheer agony of the last 7 miles.
Both goals were met for this race, with me finishing the entire 100 miles in right around 9:20. None of us (Todd, Jay, myself, or our wives) were up to heading to the awards ceremony, electing for a dinner out and an early bedtime.

More detail to follow...


Todd Shorkey said...

Great Job Brad! Way to set goals Work towards them and then achieve them! Awesome!

Mary said...

We to go Brad!

TP said...

I'm a lumberjack...dat, dat, dat.

However that song goes! Rock On!

Sara said...

Congratulations!! We're proud of your accomplishment!