Monday, May 26, 2008

Cannonsburg and Ionia

On Friday I made a trek out to Grand Rapids. While out there, I paid a visit to Cannonsburg to get in a little riding.

First up was Cannonsburg State Game Area. This trail was very open and fast, similar in character to Yankee Springs. There were some moderate climbs, blazing fast downhills, and some great turns to carve.

Cannonsburg SGA trailhead

A very bad self portrait

Cannonsburg SGA trail

After a lap of the SGA, I ducked out onto the roads, and rode over to the Cannonsburg Ski Area. Another rider at the trailhead clued me in to a spot about 1 1/2 miles in where I could duck out, and that it was only about a 3 mile ride to the ski area. Here I did one lap of the roughly 5 1/2 mile trail. The ski area had a lot in common with Bloomer and Ruby. Much tighter, more technical, lots of climbing packed into it's short length.

Cannonsburg Ski Area

The ski hill

Looking forward along the trail

Sign reads "No Parking Any Time" (overexposed). Note the sharp right just past the sign.

Looking back towards the chute-like section. This was a series of high banked turns downhill.

On my way home, I jumped off the expressway and drove the short distance north to Ionia Rec Area for a lap. Ionia is different in character from the Cannonsburg trails: tight, narrow, bumpy, rocks, roots, lots of more technical corners, not much climbing. There wasn't a lot of natural elevation change here, but the trail builders made good use of what there was. I also took more photos here than at Cannonsburg, partly because of the slower nature of the trail, and partly because I was getting tired.

One of the many open fields the trail passed through

I thought this was cool

Another self portrait - this one overlooking the Grand River

Typical of the Ionia Rec Area trail

The trail snakes through another open area - part of what looked to be a small gravel pit at one time

In case you ever wondered what the Ionia County Sheriff's Posse Clubhouse looks like

One day, three different trails, each with a vastly different character. Good times for sure!

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